5 weeks until SOSUEU

So, it’s 5 weeks until #SOSUMED, and what does that mean? It means Dan here gets a severe case of FOMO. The weather will be better than the misery we are wading through with our weather here, when the cast and crew of Phil Tusings troop swans it way to Europe for another all singing all dancing Recruitment extravaganza.

If you have ever attended a #SOSUMED event, you will feel the power of my FOMO. This one with the theme “Exploring new frontiers for sourcing” promises to be one of his best ones yet. My excitement (and future hashtag stalking) comes because, Phil has gathered a cast of people, some of which I have known and obsesses over for years and others, well upon reading their bio… I may just start obsessing over.

Shally Steckeral, is my original sourcing guru. Back in my ERE.Net and Recruitingblogs.com involvement days, he was one of the people who made me fall in love with Recruitment again. The passion and knowledge this guy consistently drops is worth the plane fare and entrance fee along. He won’t remember this, but we became pig brothers back in 1997 in Sydney.

I could write about Troy Hammond, but the man has become a brand unto himself, he seriously should trademark his name (tipping he has already), beard and thongs (OK jandals, I think he is almost a kiwi). But listening to his knowledge and un-wavering commitment to our craft is always inspiring. however, if you don’t like the odd “F” bomb, try to steel yourself.

I met Mark Tortorici at a conference in the last year or 2 (they get muddled in my head) over here, this guy is crazy smart and creative in the way he goes about finding the unfindable. I’ll admit I was in awe of his mind. Martin Lee, a true Recruitment protagonist, who is definitely on my bucket list to have a quiet beverage with, if you haven’t listened to him or read his constant thoughts, you are truly missing out.

I will admit that the other speakers are new names for me… however, if I know anything about the SOSU team, they will have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, literally scouring the globe, to get some of the best minds in the business to highlight his event.

You may not know me either, but I am a sucker for a great conference where I judge them by the thoughts they inspire and the takeaways I can action to improve myself or my business. Do yourself a favour, if you are a Sourcer and want to learn how to really wow your clients or bosses, beg borrow or steal to get yourself a ticket. You’ll thank me later…




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