The world of talent acquisition is changing rapidly in the Mediterranean. Data gets created with breaking speed, and the tools and techniques required to engage, source and hire talent continues to evolve.

At #SOSUMED we will set our gaze on the whole talent sourcing life-cycle with a particular focus on the issues and challenges faced by sourcing leaders. We will set our eyes on emerging trends from privacy laws to legal implications of social engagements.

We will look at tools and new technologies, sourcing best-practices and will decipher the ever changing behavior of talent. Delegates will develop a big-picture view of talent acquisition and the tactical nous required to be an agent of change.


#SOSUMED will focus extensively on how sourcing is defined, performed and measured by corporations.  Delegates will learn from companies like Cisco, Philips, and Squarespace on how to tackle tactical sourcing challenges and make result oriented strategic sourcing decisions.


Delegates will learn the latest souring wizardry from some of the biggest names in the sourcing game in the Mediterranean. From backdoor sourcing to advanced Linkedin skills, delegates will learn tools and tricks on how to source talent effectively. The onus is on improving sourcing skills.


One of the most popular session at #SOSUMED is our live sourcing sessions. Delegates will learn the latest sourcing wizardry from some of the biggest names in the sourcing game. There will be breakout sessions on both days dedicated to live sourcing. Delegates can bring their sourcing challenges for our speakers to tackle, in an interactive format.


#SOSU TECH will showcase some of the most innovative companies and new technologies driving sourcing productivity across Europe. Delegates will have an opportunity to trial and play with the latest sourcing technology and tools.

Updated Agenda



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speakerx400x230RON BOSMA
Managing Director
Randstad Sourceright

Welcome address from Randstand Sourceright, host of the Sourcing Summit Europe event.

jonathanCx400x230JONATHAN CAMPBELL
#SOSUMED introductions and summit overview. For the third year in a row, Johnny Campbell will MC #SOSUMED.

glencatheyx400x230GLEN CATHEY
Why do sourcers fail? What good is finding someone if you can’t get them to respond? In this keynote address master sourcer Glen Cathey will unmask the elephant in the room – that sourcing is not just about finding information but effective retrieval, which entails candidates are motivated to respond back. Glen will argue that the future success of the sourcing profession will depend largely on how sourcers engaged with information they sourced.
Engagement is the new battleground and a new battle plan is required for a rapidly changing world. Glen will demonstrate practical steps on how effective messaging at the very start of the process is part of the solution, and helps with conversion rate and overall productivity.

Three Highlights:
– Understanding talent engagement and its drivers
– Overcoming the problem ailing sourcers information retrieval
– How to ensure talent always respond

connix400x230CONNI  LADOUCEUR
Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates online and by phone and, like FBI Agents, learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming.

Conni LaDouceur, President and Chief Sourcing Strategist, ExecuQuest Corp., will share efficient internet results and dissect actual calls identifying on-target talent to hire or place the most qualified talent, not the most available.  Hear how you identify complete intact teams, reporting relationships, direct dial numbers, email addresses, etc., in any industry, any function, worldwide, from individual contributors to senior management with empowering sourcing best practices.  Excel in recruiting for the most challenging open positions via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the deliverer of results.

Three highlights
– Understanding and excelling in phone sourcing
– Find people like the FBI does
– Practical phone sourcing demo

balazsx400x230BALAZS PAROCZAY
What does an ideal sourcing professional looks like? Are the best sourcers made or born with inherent skills? How far can sourcers be trained to make a difference to corporate ROI? In this session Balazs will attempt to redefine the definition of sourcing with a thorough dissection of what an ideal sourcer should look like. He will paint an anatomic map of a sourcer and will offer strategies on how to mold successful sourcing practitioners for a changing world.

Three highlights:
– Discover anatomy of an ideal sourcer
– How to mold a result oriented sourcer
– Managing sourcers and sourcing for maximum ROI

josefx400x230JOSEF KADLEC
Imagine using the humble SMS to send messages to candidates without knowing their number. Can DNS spoofing be used to reach hard to find candidates? How can bluetooth technology be used to source talent? What contemporary technology can be tweaked to serve the requirement of a sourcer? Is the Wild West of Sourcing upon us?

In this session Josef will take the audience on a wild ride of what’s possible for sourcers to accomplish. Combining clever usage of everyday technology, with elements of social engineering and a reading of human psychology Josef will demonstrate what sourcers are capable of doing? This is a session where boundaries are pushed. Be prepared to go on a roller-coaster sourcing ride.

Three highlights:
– Examples of real world talent hacks
– The good, the bad and the ugly hacks
– The role of hacking in sourcing

jonathanCx400x230JONATHAN CAMPBELL
A ninja is always armed with a myriad of weapons and tools to be effective. How can sourcers be more like Ninjas? The tools and techniques required to source talent changes rapidly.  In this session Jonathan will show what new tools can be used to improve productivity. From browser extentions to free software tools, Jonathan will demonstrate how sourcers can source like a Ninja.

– Productivity tools to enhance name sourcing
– Free software tools for email generation
– Social hacks for sourcing
– Linkedin hacks for productivity sourcing

irinax400x230josefx400x230 victorx400x230 BARBARAX400x230 vincex400x230VARIOUS SPEAKERS
In this interactive session, delegates will be able to bring their sourcing challenges and let an expert perform live searches. Many of the #SOSUMED speakers will anchor sessions where they will offer hands-on sourcing challenges faced by #SOSUMED delegates.

Delegates are encouraged to bring their sourcing problems and have the experts perform a surgery.

jimx400x230JIM STROUD
Today, there is a large and untapped pool of talent. This talent source is beginning to gain recognition for high performance in some of today’s most in-demand skills. A select few  organisations are positioning their HR operations to meet the opportunity and bring this talent pool into the fold. But, how are they meeting this challenge? In a global market of scarcity in critical skills, an emerging workforce that thinks differently, recognises patterns more easily and who consistently adheres to processes may be the game-changers that give businesses a distinct advantage.

Join Recruiting and Sourcing expert Jim Stroud as he explores new opportunities for expanding your reach in a global environment of talent diversity. He will take you through the challenges, the demands, and the benefits of looking beyond traditional areas of gender, race, and cultural differences to reach out to a highly skilled and untapped portion of today’s talent landscape. We will explore the history, the demand, and the success stories that are putting select few companies out in front of the pack. And we will give you the insight to start moving your talent perspective and address this new opportunity today.

mattburneyx400x230MATT BURNEY
Search has changed the way people find jobs, and employers now have unprecedented access to a wealth of data on job seeker behaviour. The data in this presentation provides a fly-on-the-wall perspective of how candidates find jobs, why they click them, and what influences their decision to apply. We’ll unravel the complex relationship between the people looking for jobs and the companies who’d like to hire them. You’ll learn strategies that deliver superior results every time.

Three highlights:
– A new look at candidate behaviour
– Candidate online search trends
– Job search trigger points

irinax400x230IRINA SHAMAEVA
Sometimes sourcing productivity is most spiked when one chooses the road less traveled. An inquisitive mind, a knack for tinkering and dogged determination can achive great sourcing results. In this session perennial tinkerer and experimenter Irina will demonstrate how to master back-door sourcing. From Linkedin to Google+ to search engines, Irinia will explain how one can innovate and discover new ways of finding people. Unless the professionals you are looking to find happen to have informative profiles filled with useful keywords, you could find 10 times more information on various web sites outside of LinkedIn. You could even find contact information for whole lists of professionals at a time.


In a talent-scarce market, European employers must offer candidates more than just competitive compensation. Today’s in-demand workers understand they have abundant choices when it comes to employment and are setting their sights on organizations offering clearly defined employer value propositions aligned to their individual goals. To attract the best candidates, companies must learn how to build an employer brand to win the war for talent.

Key highlights include:

  • Being locally relevant as part of a global brand
  • Defining your authentic employer brand
  • How an effective employer brand can improve sourcing abilities.

tylerx400x230TYLER GOLDEN
How can organisations effectively source from talent communities? Is it better to to build a new talent community or join an existing one? In this session Tyler will explore the concept of talent communities and how they can be a major channel to source talent. Tyler will highlight what it takes to build talent communities and how to sustain it for the long run.

Talent communities as a source of talent has been

Three highlights
– Why are we creating artificial communities when real, vibrant ones exist?
–  How can we be a catalyst in creating communities where they don’t exist?
–  How does this impact traditional recruiting methods?


Natalie Zahorskax400x230 matthewx400x230 NATALIE ZAHORSKA & MATTHEW JEFFEREY
What does the future of sourcing looks like? In this rollicking roller-coaster ride of a session Natalie and Matthew will take us on a journey of what the future of sourcing will look like. In fact, the future is already happening in the present at SAP.

Three highlights
– Sourcification, the merging of gamification and sourcing
– Employer brand and it’s role in sourcing
– The future proof sourcing function

victorx400x230VICTOR SOROKA
When you source talent for one of the largest tech employer in one of the most competitive market for tech talent, you need all the extra tools and hacks you can to have an edge. In this session, Victor will talk about the benefits of talking the road less traveled when sourcing for hard to find talent. In this hands on session he will explore some of the lesser know sites and online destinations across Europe that sourcers can explore. From software repository like Github to Q&A sites like StackOverflow, Victor will demonstrate some of the techniques that will deliver results. Victor will also conduct some live searches and challenge delegates to bring their sourcing

Three highlights
– Finding gems on niche sites
– Hacks for European sourcers
– How to be a better sourcing hacker

shanex400x230SHANE McCUSKER
Sourcing has been developing as a specialist discipline within the recruitment. The techniques of sourcing have become increasingly complex and very many tools have been developed to assist sources in very specific ways.

Shane McCusker is a technologist who has developed many sourcing tools. In this talk Shane takes a look at where sourcing is going and predicts the types of tools sourcers can expect in the future. This talk looks at many of the clever tools and techniques currently in use and speculates about how technology can do more and more to source better.

irinax400x230IRINA SHAMAEVA
LinkedIn’s new restrictions on search, messaging, and InMails are more than a nuisance – they’re hurting productivity for many recruiters. Whether you have LinkedIn Recruiter, Premium, or a Basic account, newly added restrictions are affecting who you can find and contact on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has even made changes that make it harder to X-Ray public profiles! In this session Irina Shamaeva will review all the limitations that slow down sourcing and recruiting on LinkedIn, and demonstrate the best way to work around these restrictions for every type of account. 

 Three highlights:
– Get the most out of your LI investment
– Top workarounds LI limitations
– Strings and more strings for LI

Sourcing talent in Germany, the largest labour market in the Mediterranean, is challenging at the best of times. The country’s strict privacy laws means that sourcers have to be clever and look for workaround. What works elsewhere in the Mediterranean is not always applicable. In this session pioneering sourcing trainer Barbara will explore some of the fundamental differences on how sourcing is done  in Germany and will demonstrate sourcing techniques and processes that are unique in the country.  There will be in-depth exploration of Xing and how it can be harness to source talent in the Mediterranean, also an overview of how the sourcing community is growing in Germany.

Three highlights:
– Sourcing lessons and tips from Germany
– Mastering Xing for sourcing in the Mediterranean
– Sourcing hacks the Germany way

janx400x230JAN BERNHART
Most sourcers take the road well trodden on their sourcing journey, but there are troves of new untrodden paths that can lead to talent. In this sessions talent hacking tinkerer Jan will demonstrate real-life examples of myriad ways talent can be discovered and connected. Jan will demonstrate numerous unconventional ways talent can be approached and connected. This session is all about ways you may not have considered in finding talent. Jan will open your eyes to new possibilities.

Three highlights:
– Out of the box sourcing
– Undiscovered sourcing paths to talent
– One hundred new ways to connect to talent

katrinax400x230KATRINA COLLIER
What’s next in social sourcing? After being around for a while now, have recruiters really benefited from the promises offered by social networks? In a hyper-connected world where is social sourcing heading? In this closing keynote Katrina will explore the current state of social sourcing and gauge where it is heading. She will highlight what works currently and is likely to work in the future. She will highlight the reasons why so many organisations fail and offer practical steps on how to benefit from social sourcing.

mattbucklandx400x230MATT BUCKLAND
How will sourcing look like in the future? Will algorithm lord over human recruiters? How will candidates behave? What will social mean decades from now?  How much of the future is happening in the present? In this session Matt will take delegates on a rollicking ride, combining crystal gazing and practical wisdom gained from 15 years in recruitment from startups to globally recognised companies and will offer insights on how to navigate the bold new world of sourcing.

Three highlights
– Preparing for next generation sourcing in the present
– What the future of sourcing will look like
– Hyper-personalisation and the power of privacy

kasiax400x230KASIA BOROWICZ
The importance of hiring for culture fit seems to be widely acknowledged, but can you actually tell if a candidate will fit your culture at the sourcing stage? In this intriguing session Kasia will shed light on how languages and people linguistics roots has a significant bearing on corporate culture, and why it is so critical for talent sourcers to properly discern candidates’ social and cultural background. She will discuss different types of organizational culture and how to determine a potential candidates culture preferences based on the linguistic markers in CVs and social media profiles as well as their behaviour online.

Three Highlights
– The role of language and linguistics in sourcing
– Linguistic sourcing and its implications on corporate culture
– How to discern candidate behaviour

vincex400x230VINCE SZYMCZAK
Boolean might not be the trendiest topic of 2015, but contrary to everything you might hear most direct sourced candidates still come from a job board or social media site running on a Boolean search engine.

In this session Vince will discuss the process of string creation and equip you with a practical checklist helping you create clean and effective strings.

Three highlights:

– Why Boolean is still relevant
– Hand-on boolean strings creation
– How to get the most out of Boolean

irinax400x230josefx400x230 victorx400x230 BARBARAX400x230 vincex400x230VARIOUS SPEAKERS
In this interactive session, delegates will be able to bring their sourcing challenges and let an expert perform live searches. Many of the #SOSUMED speakers will anchor sessions where they will offer hands-on sourcing challenges faced by #SOSUMED delegates.

Delegates are encouraged to bring their sourcing problems and have the experts perform a surgery.


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