@andreamitchell – Tapping into niche communities

Workshop 1 was Andrea Mitchell who spoke about tapping into niche communities. 

Andrea started off speaking about how talent communities have changed from IRC to the social networking space. That one went straight over my head, probably because I'm only 22 years old… 

We then started to look at ways we can use the big search engines like Google and Bing to bring up public profiles using the site: search function. E.g. site:au.linkedin.com/in to find public profiles as opposed to directories. 

@PaulJacobs4real then asked a question about Communities. Do they have to be social in nature to be a community? Great question Paul! 

My favorite takeaway was this quote from Andrea 

People put a lot of information online. It's all about tapping into the communities on smaller sites and within the bigger sites. #SOSU11 

Great start to the conference!