How to get to #SOSU11 venue without using GPS

Getting to the #SOSU11 venue is easy.

1) If you are from out of town ask a local (or Google) “what’s the ugliest building in Sydney?”.  This is what it looks like:


It is also known as ‘Tower Building’.

2) Not far from Tower building is a smaller structure called Building 10. It is mostly populated by technology students. Tomorrow sourcers will take over.


3) #SOSU11 venue is on the top floor (level 7); it is called Aerial Function centre. There are two main entrances on Building 10, choose the one which have lifts. Once you get out of the lifts, turn left and you are highly likely to see friendly faces.


This is how our playground looks like.


If you must use a GPS, here is the address : Level 7, 235 Jones St Ultimo NSW 2007.