Aaron comes from an HR software and digital marketing background.  He learned to source when his employer was too cheap to buy quality sales leads.  Those skills snowballed as he learning from agency to corporate to contract sourcing and recruiting.  Then he shifted back to marketing in support of People Sourcing Certification (Irina, David & Martin Lee).

He is currently a Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist at ThoughtWorks.

His specialties include architecting efficient system and workflows, web scraping, data cleanup, and visualization. Aaron’s hands-on approach makes his content great for all sourcing and recruiting practitioners, as well as management, focused on utilization and ROI.

Aaron brings a level of sourcing expertise rarely ever found in corporate talent acquisition. The depth of his knowledge and expertise in deep web search capabilities goes far beyond advances search strings. He provides a mix of new back-end technologies with a mix of stealthy search capabilities found only in a few experts in our space.

Greg Bradley
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