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Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied social & economical law in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Started her career with the Dutch national staffing federation ABU in 1986. Was secretary general of ABU from 1991 to 1996. Left the ABU to work for Vedior in 1996. After Vedior was taken over by Randstad in 2008, currently holds the function of Director Group Public Affairs at Randstad Holding. Since 2005 chairs Eurociett, the European agency work federation, and also is a board member of Ciett, the global staffing federation.

Interests and specialties lie in the field of European flexible employment regulation and social dialogue. Was a long-time member of the Dutch negotiating committee for the Collective Labour Agreement for temporary agency workers and has been involved closely in the creation of the successful Dutch “Flexibility and security” legislation for the temporary work industry, which was implemented in 1999. Has chaired (on behalf of the employers) the Dutch Pension fund for temporary agency workers, STIPP, from 1999 until 2010.

Wolfgang is one of the main drivers in Germany if it comes to enhancement of recruitment processes and innovations in the area of talent acquisition. Due to large (also international) know-how and great surveys with practical relevance he can be seen as the point-to-go when dealing with the current questions for recruiment & employer branding today. He perfectly fills a gap in the German recruitment market with his ideas and services.

Gero Debuschewitz



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