A true multi-cultural sourcer, Asaf is a prime example of a gen-Y netizen who grew up into information retrieval as a core skill.

Asaf’s experience has been honed in Nisha Global, a boutique executive search firm; as one of its very first employees, he contributed to its “no holds barred” attitude – sourcing cross-geographies, cross-industries and cross-seniority levels. Over the past 7 years Asaf has successfully placed across 5 continents, with various clients ranging from start-ups to bluechip companies, and anywhere from high- to low-tech.

Asaf’s multidisciplinary academic formation involved Business Administration, Economics and Linguistics. He’s still learning something new each day.

For me, working with recruiters is actually partnering with someone who will be able to leverage the professional capabilities of the company. They need to be your ambassadors, representing the company in an appealing and creative way to the candidates. This kind of partnership I found with Asaf. Asaf’s professionality and high abilities are valuable, and his personal attitude is very much appreciated.

Helen Dotan-Glassberg
Amiad Water Systems Ltd.