Do you know anyone coming from the hall of fame of sourcers? Or having more energy and force than a Jedi master? And do you know anyone always willing to help and share information in the most pleasant and entertaining way? NO? Take some time to meet Balázs and find out what you’ve missed!

Bence Bak
QuantisLabs Ltd

Balazs Paroczay, Cielo’s Vice President of Global Sourcing, is a globally recognized Sourcing Strategist with a passion for discovering disruptive solutions.

Balazs uses his experience leading sourcing and recruitment teams to improve teams’ abilities to identify, attract, engage and activate the critical talent they need to meet their business goals.

A thought leader in advanced sourcing practices and innovative talent pooling techniques, Balazs frequently speaks at conferences and shares his expertise with various global media


The number of tech that can be applied to sourcing increases daily.  There is little talk or info on how to make all the technology to talk to each other. In this session master sourcer Balazs will look at the growing problem of tech proliferation, management, and the holy grail – integration.