Brett leads all things Talent & People at SnapTravel, the fastest and easiest way to book a hotel room over messaging.

Brett started his career in HR and Talent as an agency recruiter supporting various tech industry leaders in Kitchener-Waterloo. From there, he moved on to recruit/consult for high-volume national accounts throughout the GTA, and implemented new technologies to breathe new life into legacy HR processes for 1000+ team members.

At SnapTravel, Brett is responsible for building out and scaling both the HR and Talent functions. SnapTravel is a VC-backed startup having grown from $1MM+ USD in one year to $50MM+ USD in its second year. Here, Brett is able to focus on interesting work such as scaling culture, supporting an Engineering-driven team as a non-Engineer, and recruiting top technical talent from around the globe.

Brett is passionate about the intersection of new technology with existing systems to create exceptional new results. You can often find him sourcing candidates, hoarding all of the snacks, and experimenting with new HR tech.