Elizabeth Lembke is the Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent and is known best for putting the “Human” back in HR. Elizabeth specializes in helping companies not handle Talent myopically through the lenses of various HR departments but rather see them as complementary curves on the same loop. She is an IO psychologist and has 15+ years of experience as an HR influencer, consultant and facilitator. Elizabeth is a former Director of HR and Global Talent for a leading automotive supplier. During her tenure, she was responsible for Talent, Learning & Development, Employer Branding, Engagement, CSR, HR professionalism and internal communications (which explains her broad view on talent and the areas she covers as a consultant). She has been honored with multiple Innovation Awards, been designated a FranklinCovey benchmark and is a frequent HR contributor for Futures in Talent and Learning. Elizabeth publishes a weekly Transforming Talent Insights newsletter and is a co-host for HR Improv Theatre.

Elizabeth is based out of Stuttgart, Germany.