Gerard worked as a salesperson for over 10 years.

One specific day He was faced with a challenge: find key decision makers’ emails at Google and Microsoft.

He used to have a team of VAs looking for emails, but the quality was not good enough.

He was struggling, wasting a lot of time and still getting bounces for his emails.

So he decided to change that.

He didn’t want to do any more prospecting, shady online scraping or guessing emails.

Gerard saw the opportunity in going on LinkedIn to source the emails he wanted.

Then built a tool along with Cristian Vitales (CTO at FindThatLead) to make the process fast and automated.

They released their first Chrome extension and got 1,000 downloads in 3 months.

Since then, Gerard and his team have built different handy features to find individual emails, create highly targeted lists of prospects and fill entire weeks of leads for you or your sales team.

Their goal for 2019 is helping people find anyone’s emails and social information.