GUILLAUME knows perfectly well areas he’s recruiting for and he is very familiar with the market. He is also a curious person, who is aware of everything before everyone else

Kamil Głowacki
Co-founder and Principal IT Recruiter

Guillaume is a sourcing specialist with more than 8 years of experience, and a proud geek, always looking for new techniques and new hacks to leverage his sourcing level.

After beginning his career in Paris in recruitment agencies, he made a move to the in-house ecosystem. He joined Softway Medical, a healthcare software company , in the South of France, to be the first (and only) sourcer, helping the company to grow from 250 to almost 450 employees, and building a very strong technical team. Then, with his lovely wife and daughter, he decided to make a move to Switzerland, to join Philip Morris International as a senior sourcing specialist, to support the company in one of the biggest business transformation in the world.

Guillaume has a keen interest in hacks, homemade sourcing tools, and above all, running and cooking!