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Han Stoffels is not only a passionate and excellent Chairman also an inspiring person to work with. Han Stoffels is a dedicated, broad-minded and efficient perfectionist. A real entrepreneur. His technical experience and loyalty makes Han Stoffels to view solutions instead of problems.

Roberto Figueira, D66

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Han Stoffels is the founder of 8vance Matching Technologies BV, a Netherlands-based start-up. 8vance is a data driven matching technology company that utilises extensive profiles, big data, and sophisticated matching algorithms to build solutions for and disrupt some large marketplaces. The core is a very scalable social-neural self-learning matching technology named “Deep Matching”. 8vance creates the next generation marketplace; simple, transparent, fast, cost effective. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and an MBA of TSM Business School/University of Twente in the Netherlands. Mr. Stoffels has 20+ years’ experience in management of technology, marketing management and general management in the high tech industries (B2B as well as B2C).

He starts his career as an engineer working for the Swedish truck manufacturer Scania, before joining the Dutch InnovationCenter Network (ICNN) as senior business consultant specialised in Innovation within SME’s. Hereafter Mr. Stoffels continues his career at Océ Technologies (Netherlands based) and holds several global Marketing Management positions until he joins Wacom EMEA in 2001 as director business development EMEA. Shortly after he joins Wacom he is appointed President & CEO of Wacom EMEA (Germany based) and Managing director of Wacom Components ltd. (UK based), overseeing all of Wacom business and R&D in EMEA.

In June 2008 he additionally is appointed Executive Officer of Wacom Co. Ltd. (Japan Based). In his career Mr. Stoffels has globally recruited and managed staff for his rapidly growing organisations and in August 2012 he founds 8vance Matching Technologies, to build the tool he always desired to have while recruiting and managing talent. This tool is AIMA the virtual assistant to recruiters and candidates. In the meantime this technology is finding applications in many more complex and intransparent markets like real estate (Domizz) and the insurance industry.