Ivan is one of the best know person in the recruitment industry in Ireland. Ivan thinks outside the box and comes up with practical ideas, often years before their time. Ivan is the asset every online company wants.

Anne Dobey // Linkedin

Founder/CEO of @IrishRecruiter Talent Sourcing Agency, Ivan A. Stojanovic is an accomplished talent-acquisition strategist with exceptional technical abilities. An innovator of complex on-line recruiting solutions for both global brands and early-stage companies, Ivan now organises volume-recruitment events and job fairs for European IT talent.

Ivan comes from the high tech arena at Microsoft where he built his internationalisation and localisation management experience in the ’90-ties. With a strong ‘techie’ background, Ivan has been leading several successful start-up’s in the online recruitment space in the last 10 years. His entrepreneurial spirit have guided him in building better online recruitment tools and processes. Ivan works as an advisory on the online presence for the recruiters, social media recruitment trainer and search engine optimisation (SEO) consultant. Ivan also acts as a recruitment marketing advisory for a number of recruitment agencies in several countries.

Formerly known as “Irish Recruiter” in the social media, Ivan has mastered the art of understanding how to attract, and engage with the top talent. Ivan is a ‘Veteran’ blogger, publishing several blogs covering various aspects of online recruitment, career coaching, social media marketing and SEO.