If you want to bring energy and the best tech talents into your team, you want Jitske’s number. Before setting out on her own in 2014, Jitske spent a few years learning the classic recruitment job at an agency. Since she has been contracted by companies as Coolblue, Emakina, ING, de Bijenkorf, Telegraaf, Vice, IMA and more to source & recruit the best tech talents for their engineering teams and streamline their internal recruiting systems.

In her personal life she is no different, high energy means change, last year she got married, moved her laptop from her Amsterdam desk to her campervan to full-time travel around Europe with her husband and dog. Her story of 2018; Live, explore and enjoy life to the fullest, eat, drink, make new friends and.. in the meantime source new tech talent for high growth menswear brand Suitsupply as contractor.

Jitske is one of the most professional and caring recruiters you could ever work with. She gives you her time, focus and caring from the beginning of the process and no end for this. She is energetic, organized and fun at the same time.

Noha Shafik
IT Chapter Lead at ING