Nathalie is an HR expert with 10 years of experience in HR and talent acquisition. Nathalie is a disruptive innovative force, always thinking out of the box and overcomes every challenge, by engaging and influencing stakeholders in an authentic and fearless mindset.

As the talent acquisition sourcing manager at Intel, Nathalie has built from scratch a sourcing team and is responsible for managing & developing a team of professionals. She is also responsible for developing strategic sourcing programs with her team and for creating innovative and groundbreaking ways of doing sourcing. In addition, she leads a global sourcing community with sourcers from United States, Europe, Israel and Asia.

Nathalie has held several roles in Intel HR, is an executive hiring specialist, has been a senior recruiter for many engineering groups in Intel Design Centers, led the diversity efforts in Israel, was in charge of implementing new ATS and CRM and was also was a recruitment marketing talent lead for college graduates and students. Nathalie started her career as an HR program manager of wellbeing and benefits programs.

Nathalie holds a BSc in Political Science & Communication and an MBA with a specialization in Organizational Behavior.