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Why does recruitment have to be so difficult? This is the problem that Shane has struggled with for over a decade. Formerly an engineer, entrepreneur and then agency recruiter, Shane founded Intelligence Software in 2004 developing CRM/ATS systems for recruitment agencies with the primary goal of making more placements.

Shane believes Recruitment is an information business and success is dependent on the ability to manage information. In the past this meant the internal database but now it’s the recruiters ability to source the golden opportunities buried in the mountain of information online.

Shane is a regular blogger on recruitment technology and sourcing techniques. He has a popular YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on sourcing ideas. He has developed a range of free recruiter tools and shares these through his blog and other recruiter sites. He has been a regular speaker at sourcing and recruitment events in the Mediterranean, Africa and America.

Shanes’ presentations are always informative and never boring. I would recommend his work to all recruiters.

Nandi Mhlongo