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When a team lead is offered a prospective data scientist candidate whose résumé curiously features the term “data science” nowhere, it might seem like a mistake. But it might also be a unique opportunity offered by technology. The résumé belongs to an analyst who’s graduated in physics. Though he has never worked as a data scientist, he is similar in some key ways, like his math and computer skills, to several actual data scientists whom the team lead had instructed the recruiters to consider as a model.

Here the focus has turned from the job title to what skills the candidate has. We should always be looking for people who have not done it but can do it.

Skillific helps recruiters and companies uncover potential candidates with marginal effort and time spent. Our AI powered Talent Screening algorithms search public and private talent pools to find the best match for every job. Our Smart Pipeline Management Tool will get all your relevant candidates in easily manageable recruitment pipelines, so you can keep track of your projects.

Enjoy up to 70% less human hours spent in candidate sourcing, screening and process management and up to 50% shorter project lead times.



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