Spending just 4 hours with Willem revolutionised our approach to hiring. He is both highly creative and practical and incredibly easy to get along with. I can’t speak highly enough of this man and his ideas.

Mike Bartlett
Co-Founder at Gitter


There is one thing Willem likes best: sharing his knowledge about sourcing & recruiting for high growth startups. As a mentor with Rockstart in Amsterdam he has helped many of the startups make their first hires and enabling them to do the hiring job themselves. Teaching them how to source / engage, be more innovative and getting top technology talent in. He also trains developer-teams to become sourcers themselves, as he believes hiring for startups is a team wide effort. Changing mindsets comes first, open-sourcing everything he learned second.
As a result Willem runs the blog http://www.sourcingmonk.com where he openly shares his knowledge about hiring. He currently works at Improbable.io — one of Londons’ most promising startups backed by a16z — where he builds teams from scratch and implements his creative hiring strategies.
You can find all his social profiles nicely organised here.