My Sourcing Story: Q&A With Marcel Rietveld, TalentMapper

Name: Marcel Rietveld
Location : Amsterdam
Company: TalentMapper
Twitter: @marcelrietveld

Q1. What problems are you currently solving in your role? Tell us a bit about TalentMapper
At TalentMapper, we say: ‘we transform the way companies find talent’. It seems like an average tagline, but we are very serious about this. We conduct very detailed research on target groups in the Netherlands. I personally think that the research part in sourcing is the most important step to be successful in recruiting. After the research part our clients know their target group very well and are able to approach them personally and can convince them with the help of key insights.

In my role at TalentMapper I advice companies in the Netherlands how they can implement a strategic talent sourcing function. I adviced several companies like ABN AMRO, BAM and Capgemini. I am very passionate in getting the right sourcing strategy, structure and people in place at my clients. I’m very proud to see our Talent Sourcers making a big business impact for our clients and structurally changing the recruitment landscape within these organisations.


I personally think that the research part in sourcing is the most important step to be successful in recruiting


Q2. How do you define sourcing?
Talent Sourcing is identifying, approaching and convincing talent (online), with the aim to match them directly to a job or placing them into a talentpool. I also like the definition of Glen Cathey: ‘The proactive identification, engagement and assessment of talent focusing solely on non-applicants (typically “passive” talent) with the end goal of producing qualified, interested and available candidates’.

Q3. Sourcing tools I use daily
I must say: I’m a sourcing tool addict. I’m always searching for new tools that can make me as a Sourcer more productive. So I work with lots of tools, but I can name a few: Context Scout, Discoverly, Data Scraper, Datacruit, Email Hunter, Facebook Search, Prophet.

But I always say: ‘a fool with a tool, is still a fool’.

Q4. Can you tell us the people you admire most in sourcing?
I’ve been in recruiting/sourcing for 10> years now and met a few very intelligent people. First of all I want to name my friend and business partner Gertjan van Swieten (also known as @trainersourcing). He is one of the best sourcing trainers in the Netherlands. He taught me a lot about ‘selling the job’ to a candidate and doing ‘deep-data-intakes’.

I think many people don’t know Aaron Lintz. Follow this quy on Twitter. He is one of my sparring partners. I learned a lot from him. He is a very skilled Technical Sourcer. Finding new or better ways to source people, every day.

Martin Lee: Want to know more about international sourcing? He’s your man!

Shane McCusker: Mister Facebook searching! Always experimenting to make sourcing easier for everybody.

Dean da Costa: sourcing toolmaster. Trying to keep up with him, not working 🙂

Glen Gutmacher: Boolean magician and sourcing strategies. Always available to share knowledge.


Q5. One sourcing advice I can give to my peers is …..
Sourcers: ‘Don’t forget your second circle!’ I see many Sourcers approaching candidates directly, instead of asking their peers that already know these candidates. Ask yourself: what is the best route to your candidate? And don’t forget to dig in the network of your colleagues and hiring managers.

Bio Marcel Rietveld. Marcel Rietveld is an experienced Talent Sourcer and Recruitment trainer. With his company TalentMapper he advises Dutch companies about talent sourcing strategies. He has also trained many Recruiters and Talent Sourcers. Marcel is always looking for new ways to find, connect and attract candidates using boolean search, a ton of Google Chrome Extensions and his network of fellow sourcers. Connect with him on LinkedIn: |