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When I first came to the world of recruiting back in 1996, the internet had only been publicly available for [...]

5 weeks until SOSUEU

So, it’s 5 weeks until #SOSUMED, and what does that mean? [...]

My Sourcing Story : Jiri Herodek, Blue-Infinity

Name: Jiri Herodek Country: Czech Republic Company: Blue-Infinity Position: Talent Acquisition Manager   Q1. [...]

Collaborative Sourcing, the Power of Networks, and the Wisdom of the Crowd

Guest post by Alexandre Pachulksi Talent sourcing is one of the youngest, fastest growing areas of talent management. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Sören Frickenschmidt, Boehringer

Name: Sören Frickenschmidt Country: Germany Company: Boehringer Q1 - What problems are you currently solving in your role? I am [...]

My Sourcing Story : Billy McDiarmid, HR Consultancy

Name: Billy McDiarmid Country: Scotland Company: HR Consultancy Twitter: billymcdiarmid Q1 - What problems are you currently solving in your [...]

My Sourcing Story : Ralitsa Burneva, Amazon

Name: Ralitsa Burneva (Rali) Country: Luxembourg Company: Amazon Web Services Position: EMEA Recruiter   Q1. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Victor Soroka, EPAM

Name: Victor Soroka Country: Ukraine Company : EPAM Position: Global Leadership Hiring Q1. [...]

Introducing #SOSUHACK at #SOSUMED

Every year, one of the highlights at #SOSUMED is the ‘hacks’ - fresh and smart new ways of finding [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Roanne Yee, SYZYGY AG

Name: Roanne Yee       Country: Frankfurt, Germany Company : SYZYGY AG Position: Senior Talent Manager Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roanneyee Q1. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Dave van Kuijk, Ordina

Name: Dave van Kuijk Country: Netherlands Company : Ordina Twitter: davemetwiter Q1. [...]

My Sourcing Story : Q&A With Vince Szymczak, Randstad Sourceright

Name: Vince Szymczak Location : Budapest Company: Randstad Sourceright Twitter: @Vinceszy Q1. [...]