So you think you can source

In a nutshell sourcing is often about finding the difficult to find. Blessed with an astute investigative brain and an impulsive knack to experiment, a skilled sourcer is adept at embracing a wide range of tools to find solutions. Often the go-to person for any hard to find task a sourcer thrives on solving new challenges.

So, you think you can source? Test your sourcing skills by solving our riddles and win* a free ticket to the Sourcing Summit.

Here’s the first sourcing challenge.
This week we spy two of our speakers animatedly in discussion somewhere in Sydney. We presume they are talking about their upcoming presentations.

  1. Identify the two speakers in the photo.
  2. In which Sydney landmark is the photo taken?

Email your answers here

HINT: Check our speakers list
(there is another hint somewhere on this page if you look closely)

* Over the next 10 weeks in the lead up to the Sourcing Summit we will be posting a series of riddles each worth a certain amount of points. The person who collects the most points over that time wins a ticket to the Sourcing Summit.