SOSU12 Travel Rebate

We understand that it takes extra effort to attend an event in a different country, let alone another city. So to make attending #SOSU12 a little less burdensome, we are offering ‘travel rebates’ to anyone coming from outside of NSW or QLD (depending on which city event you are attending).

For instance, if you are travelling from New Zealand to attend #SOSU12, we will refund your air travel expenses to the amount of $300 (economy class travel). If you are from VIC, NT, WA, ACT, & TAS, you get a $110 rebate for attending the Sydney event and $70 for attending the Brisbane event.

Our own keynote speaker Irina is coming all the way from the US, so distance should not be an excuse to miss #SOSU12!

If you think that you qualify for a travel rebate, just let us know here.