Sourcing Report

What does a typical sourcer look like? What tools and techniques are most frequently used to find talent? Do practitioners prefer to be referred to as ‘Sourcers’ or ‘Researchers’? How much do sourcers typically earn? Is it a female dominated industry?

These and many other questions about sourcing and those who practice it remains largely unanswered. In fact, little data exists in Australia or NZ.

In the backdrop of the upcoming Australasian Sourcing Summit, we are taking steps to try and better understand sourcing and how it is practiced in the region. The study will attempt to shed more light on a growing and important profession.

Take our survey (only 3-5 minutes) and go into the draw to win a free ticket to the Sourcing Summit. Survey need to be completed by 1st August to be eligible for the draw. The results of the survey will be presented at the Sourcing Summit and will be available for download at a later date.