Sourcing Summit Agenda

We have more details on the presentation formats, agenda and topics to be covered at the Sourcing Summit. Whether you are an HR professional, a full-time sourcing practitioner or a 360 degree recruiter there is something for everyone.

There will be different presentation formats throughout the event. The main event on 11 August will have a mixture of keynote presentations, short talks, panel discussion and a group Q&A session. (On 10 August, five workshopswill be delivered in an interactive classroom style presentation).

The summit will open with a keynote navigating macro global trends affecting the sourcing profession. A recurring theme at the summit will be the role and importance of metrics in measuring sourcing success; what works and doesn’t work in the region will be given lots of attention. Latest advances in sourcing technology will be addressed, but there will be ample focus on traditional sourcing channels. Arguments on why a 20th century technology, the humble phone, is still a relevant tool for sourcing in the 21st century will be presented. Advances in tools to target active candidates will also be highlighted.

There will be a demonstration on how to harness various internal resources to design a cohesive sourcing strategy, followed by an in-depth analysis of Internet search including how to master Boolean tricks. New sourcing trends will be highlighted including the role of emotional branding, talent mapping and agile sourcing. You can expect to learn how to target niche communities and win on Facebook. Strong arguments on the importance of having an innovative mindset and an exit strategy will be presented. All all aspects of the sourcing function will be covered. Be prepared to be challenged.

Some of the topics to be covered:

– New frontiers for sourcing talent
– Role and importance of metrics in sourcing
– Internet search strategies
– Targeting niche communities
– Connecting the dots: resourcing matrix of corporate sourcing
– Cultivating an innovative mindset to excel in sourcing
– The art & science of talent mapping
– Emotional branding in sourcing
– Referrals best practice in sourcing
– Lean sourcing: the why and how
– Sourcing for active candidates
– Mastering multi-sourcing channels

View the complete agenda here.