Q&A With Christelle ARQUIÉ, Talentsoft

We spoke to Christelle ARQUIE, marketing manager at Talensoft

Can you tell about how talentsoft started and where it stands currently?
Founded in 2007 Talentsoft wanted to push innovative, intuitive HR software into the mainstream with a single platform dedicated to every aspect of the talent management process. Since its founding Talentsoft has expanded rapidly and is now the leading European provider of SAAS based talent management. Out of a desire to help our customers to rethink how they approach HR we strive to continually add innovative tools to our suite. The latest tool we have is Hello Talent, which is a unique application for sourcing, aggregating, and sharing CVs of prospective candidates.

What main recruitment problem(s) does Talentsoft solve best?
The Talentsoft platform is designed to address all matters related to recruitment and talent management. We’re particularly excited about our new application Hello Talent and how it is helping organizations to move away from the “post and pray” era to proactive, collaborative sourcing and recruiting of passive and active candidates. Hello Talent allows users to easily find profiles anywhere online, store/save them in personalized communities and share them with fellow recruiters, hiring managers, etc. to involve everyone in the hiring process.

What sets talentsoft apart from other recruitment technology providers?
Talentsoft has set itself apart by focusing on providing innovative, intuitive software with a best-in-class user experience that is easy to adopt and integrates well with other platforms. Hello Talent serves as our latest differentiator because it is one of the first tools on the market to focus on collaborative sourcing while also being able to integrate with most ATS platforms. This means that sourcers, recruiters, and other HR professionals can manage their sourcing processes in Hello Talent and then export candidates to an ATS when it becomes necessary.

Any tips for talent sourcers in the Mediterranean?
We recommend talent sourcers in the Mediterranean avoid the trap of focusing on just one or two networks or platforms when sourcing talent. While most recruiters know this intuitively, it can be hard to stick to this principle because juggling all the profiles and platforms can be a real challenge. To help solve this issue we built Hello Talent to allow you to keep profiles from multiple platforms in one, easy to organize space. To learn more check out our Slideshare with 10 reasons you shouldn’t source from just one place.

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