Sourcing Summit Agenda

The world of talent acquisition is changing rapidly in the Mediterranean. Data gets created with breaking speed, and the tools and techniques required to engage, source and hire talent continues to evolve. Change seems to be the only constant. How will those responsible for talent acquisition cope in a world of change?

At #SOSUMED we will set our gaze on the whole talent sourcing life-cycle with a particular focus on the issues and challenges faced by sourcing leaders. We will set our eyes on emerging trends from privacy laws to legal implications of social engagements. We will look at tools and new technologies, sourcing best-practices and will decipher the ever changing behavior of talent. Delegates will develop a big-picture view of talent acquisition and the tactical nous required to be an agent of change.

#SOSUMED will focus extensively on how sourcing is defined, performed and measured by corporations.  Delegates will learn from companies like Cisco, Philips, and Squarespace on how to tackle tactical sourcing challenges and make result oriented strategic sourcing decisions.


One of the most popular session at #SOSUMED is our live sourcing sessions. Delegates will learn the latest technical wizardry from some of the biggest names in the sourcing game. There will be breakout sessions on both days dedicated to live sourcing.

Delegates will learn the latest souring wizardry from some of the biggest names in the sourcing game in the Mediterranean. From backdoor sourcing to advanced Linkedin skills, delegates will learn tools and tricks on how to source talent effectively. The onus is on improving sourcing skills.


#SOSU TECH will showcase some of the most innovative companies and new technologies driving sourcing productivity across Europe. Delegates will have an opportunity to trial, play and immerse themselves with the latest sourcing technology and tools.